The art of Pre-poo might not be very familiar among  many, but it’s not a new trend.Some naturals, tend to neglect it and  feel it’s time consuming (which might be sometimes) but there are never short-cuts for a healthy natural regimen.IMG_20170915_213034


A PRE-POO stands for pre-shampoo which means before shampoo.It’s basically a pre-shampoo treatment consisting of a water-based conditioner,oil or a DIY mixture applied to the hair before shampooing.The treatment can be let to sit for 20-45minutes or overnight depending on your preference and hair needs.

There is a wide range of products which can be used for prepoo:

  • Oils -coconut oil,olive oil,Avocado oil.
  • Hair treatments and Masques.
  • Homemade DIY Blends.
  • Avocado.
  • Eggs.
  • Honey.
  • Bananas.

Importance of Pre-poo.

A prepoo does a great job of Hydrating the hair cuticles and Moisture retention, because Shampoos can be very harsh to our hair strands causing dryness and damage.

It also improves natural hair styling ,as prepoo softens the hair strands making detangling an easy process.

How Do You Pre-poo

  • Get your products ready for prepoo.
  • Divide your hair into manageable sections,(4 or more)As you gently detangle each section.
  • Apply your prepoo product to each section.
  • Using a plastic cap, cover the hair for 45 minutes to overnight.If you choose to sit under the dryer ,20 minutes will be enough.
  • Depending on the prepoo treatment,if of a heavier consistency ,rinse your hair first with water but if its an oil ,just shampoo/co-wash.

Easy homemade prepoos:

  • Avocado prepoo-a mixture of avocado,coconut/olive oil and honey.
  • Egg mask -a simple mixture of an egg,yoghurt and an essential oil.
  • Banana mask-blended banana mixed with coconut oil.
  • Coconut milk mask- coconut milk and an oil.
  • Coconut oil,olive oil and honey.IMG_20170915_213100

There are many other products which can be used for prepoo. I always kill two birds with one stone by doing a Hot Oil Treatment as prepoo before bed using coconut oil as i gently massage my scalp .Applying a bit of heat eases oil penetration in the hair shaft, keeping the hair moisturized and soft even after shampooing.

Why dont you try the inversion method of scalp massaging ,which involves turning your head upside down as it increases blood circulation ,promotes hair growth,prevents dandruff and keeps your scalp clean.

Finally,whether you are making  homemade blends,using oils or Conditioners,  feel free to use a prepoo treatment that works for your hair. Have Fun!

XoXo ❤

 Happy World AFRO Day! 



The PUFF  has always been my ‘go to’ style in my natural hair journey ,simply because it’s quick and easy for  short, medium and long length natural hair.IMG_20170821_153928

It is also very common among naturalistas and such a life saver during bad hairdays.They can be plain puffs or one can always go extra by adding cornrows,flat twist and accessories.


Requirements :

  • A wide tooth comb,Hair brush
  •  A leave-in treatment
  • A cream
  • An oil
  • Gel
  • Toothbrush
  • Hair clips
  • Hair accessories
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair ties/Uzi/Shoe lace/braid
  • Head scarf

Steps: Plain PUFF

Whether your starting on freshly washed hair or not, it’s important to ensure your hair is moisturized. Section your hair as you gently detangle and apply your Leave-in, oil and cream .(LOC/LCO,whichever works for you)

Gently gather  your hair together as you push upwards, downwards or sideways depending on the side you want your puff to be.(Mosodo style) Doing it slowly to your preference .Ensure your hair is not too tight,not too loose.

By now your bun is pretty much ‘good to go’  but if you like your edges on point like me, a gel will ‘come in handy’.Gently apply on your edges as you use a tooth brush sleek the  babyhair.

Lastly, tie a scarf around your head for 10- 30 mins. It does  a great job of holding the hair into place.PhotoGrid_1503072481806For Flat twist/ cornrows:

There are so many flat twist Bun updo hairstyles you can try.It is also great protective style.All you need to do is to section your front hair and twist as you grab more hair.

For  all those ‘kurutus’ when it comes to hair plaiting,,, don’t you worry My Girl ,I feel you , keep practicing and youlle get better with time.PhotoGrid_1504164031377.jpg

Accessories are just the ‘icing to the cake’👌ranging from rings,locks, flowers,bead etc.Faux buns can also be used to up your PUFF game a notch higher.PhotoGrid_1504164738719

However, repeatedly pulling of the hair can cause wear and tear along the line of demarcation. Therefore,often take break from puffs and try loose hairstyles.

Lastly,Go ahead, get crazy and creative with your PUFF.There is so much you can do with the puff hairstyle.Hopefully this tips will   be helpful. PhotoGrid_1504165067929.jpg









Apparently, a healthy hair journey is not ” a walk in the park”. I tend to think of it as a “relationship”, you know.A promise to  consistently  love and care  for each hair strand on this big head of mine.😂



However my “relationship” cannot survive just by word of mouth.Gotta look for the basics to survive(Walk the Talk).For that matter, substative  hair products and tools come in handy, for a managable mane to be attained.


Naturals can attest to the importance of using various hair products on their regimen for successful and healthy hair growth.In selecting these products it’s important to consider:

  • Your hair needs.
  • Cost of the products.
  • Product ingredients.
  • Product Efficiency.


They are  familiarly known as hair cleansers.They help get rid of dirt and product build up on your hair and scalp.There has always been a debate,of whether the ingredients in shampoos have an effect on natural hair or not.Well, sulfates ,parabens, are considered  ‘harmful’ ingredients in shampoos but some urgue that sulfates  help in proper hair cleansing.

However, I will not ‘preach water and drink wine’  because in the past,I have been a victim of using  ‘lesser sulphate’shampoos although with precautions.My shampoo was always diluted, and instead of weekly use of shampoo I washed my hair after 10- 14 days, with a Co-wash (Conditioner washing) in between .Another tip is to ensure to always do a prepoo(use of oil or conditioner before shampoo) which reduces stripping effect of shampoos,preventing the hair from   drying out.

Examples:Bu-ki,Marini Naturals,Tresseme,Cantu,Siri by Tony Airo,Saru Organics,Suave,V05,Shea Moisture,Creme of Nature..


They are just too important to be ignored! since Shampoos can be harsh to our tresses.Conditioners are ‘Saviours’ which  help  in nourishing,moisturizing and preventing hair damage.10af5bb7bbd1020e06ebbaa9c1745fd5

Cost should be greatly considered since conditioners are used more often than shampoos.

  • Moisturizing deep conditioners-which contain water as their first ingredient.These hydrating ingredient,penetrates the hair shaft to boost moisture and softness.Can be done every 1- 2 weeks depending on your hair regimen, for 45mins-1hr or cover with a shower cap overnight for maximum absorption.Heat can also be used for extra penetration.

Examples:Tresseme Naturals,Alberto Vo5,Siri by Tony Airo,Suave,Shea Moisture,Creme of Nature,Cantu,DIY Avocado and Coconut oil..

  • Protein deep conditioners- They infuse our hair with hydrolised protein .Peforming regular deep Protein treatments help in improving quality(structure and strength) and also hair length.Can be done every  4-8 weeks.There is need to maintain an appropriate protein level as balance is Key.

Examples:MegaGrowth,Shea Moisture,ORS Hair mayonnaise..

DIY protein deep conditioners can also be used since they are simple and yoghurt,eggs,mayonnaise etc



I hope you all understand the importance of moisturizing your hair as I consider it the Greatest commandment👑. If your hair is frizzy,dry and breaking ,this might be as a result of moisture deficiency.

After a successful wash and conditioning the LCO /LOC is method is a considered technique  to moisturize and retain moisture in your hair.I prefer the Liquid Oil Cream method which moisturizes my hair in 3 simple steps:

L-Leave in conditioner (or liquid)-water is moisture.Use a leave-in treatment on  cleansed hair.

Examples: Marini Naturals,MegaGrowth,Siri by Tony Airo,Cantu,Shea Moisture,Creme of Nature,Saru Organics…

O- Oil- it helps lock in moisture,holding into the water molecules. Use natural oils that can penetrate the hair shaft. SUCH as:  Coconut oil,Olive oil,Castor oil,Avocado oil,Jojoba oil,Almond oil.. 

C-Cream- acts as a  sealant ,sealing the moisture introduced by L&O in the hair cuticles. Stylers, conditioner creams,or butters can  be used.Include:Cantu  curling cream, Whipped Shea butter, Eco Styler gel,Marini Naturals,Shea Moisture..



These tools are very  affordable and can be easily found in super cosmetics, online and local supply stores.They include: Water spray bottle,Satin scarf/bonnet,Combs,Brushes,  Bobby pins, Hair rollers, Plastics caps/clips, Applicator bottles,Hair clips, Headbands,..etc 

One important key that has helped me in my journey is Simplicity in my regimen .Always understand your hair needs and find the products that work for you.Remember what works for me, might not work for you and vice versa.PhotoGrid_1502819553464

I hope these was helpful:)Please  comment below if you know  other essential products or tools.

XoXo ❤

Faith It, Till You Make It! 






HEY Lovelies , 👋

I APOLOGIZE:(  for my absence .Its been a minute since I posted on the blog.I was busy with exams for the last 2 weeks but am BEECK and i promise to be consistently posting every weekend.👊

I’m currently on a protective hair style which is barely 3 weeks but looks unravelled,dry,itchy and messy.This is actually not a surprise to me because I always unravel my hair after 10 days of protective styling !!! Especially on braids,they just never last.I have sought advice from friends and  my hair has been termed as “soft hair” hence the unraveling .(let not the picture fool you,this hair terrible)👇PhotoGrid_1502032960417

On the other hand,someone else might   say their hair feels better on protective styling,does not break,or dry, it lasts longer and   they call it “hard hair”.

Am not certain if such claims  are true ,but let’s  concur that these two terms have  mostly been  used to differentiate  hair types,in many African communities.However, human hair comes in all sorts  of patterns and texture.Finding your hair texture is easy but requires concentration since you’ll examine a single strand of hair.It ranges from categories type 1-4 and further subdivided to a,b and c.IMG_20170806_175319


This hair type is naturally straight and has no curl pattern.Grows down from the scalp and has less volume.Tends to be shiny oily and less frizzy.

TYPE 2 HAIR.(WAVY)IMG_20170806_184016

It forms an S shaped pattern and has end waves movement. it’s less shiny compared to type 1.It’s further categorized to:

2a-Has loose S shapes waves.

2b- Its has  uniform waves  that are  tight and clearly defined compared to type 2a.

2c-Has more defined curl patterns which whirl to form spiral curls.

TYPE 3 HAIR.(CURLY)IMG_20170806_183959

The hair type 3 are  curly and shaped letter “S”  just like type 2.However they naturally form ringlets without any styling products or manipulation and have body volume and bounce.

3a-They are silky in texture with a defined curl pattern.

3b-Its curls are spiral and springy compared to type  3a.

3c-Have coily strands closely packed together with reduced volume.

TYPE 4 HAIR.(KINKY)iIMG_20170806_183942

This hair type is mostly associated with the Africans .The strands are tightly coiled,forming close springs cylindrical curls.

4a-Has a defined curl pattern almost close to 3b but more prone to dryness and frizz.Due to it’s curly feature a “wash and go” can easily be managed.(Kinky coily)

4b-Has a “Z ” shaped curl pattern and appear cotton like.Its closely similar to 4c has more defined curls. They require low  manipulation styles to protect from damage.(Kinky crimpy)

4c-Its strands are tightly coiled in Z shaped curl patterns which is wiry and course.The strands are densely packed so this hair type can amazingly  shrink by more than half of it’s own length.😀(Kinky ziggly)

HOW to determine your hair type:

Wash day is the best time to   determine your hair type,just after your hair is clean and without any hair styling products.Avoid heat drying or using a towel because it might interfere with your curl pattern.Use a mirror to examine your strands,based on the  descriptions and pictures.IMG_20170806_182332

However, in some cases, it’s common to have more than  one texture of hair on your head.My hair type is a 4b,4c .With 4b on the sides and at the back, while some strands are type 4c.

Moreover ,as women are concerned about their body types,so should their hair types ,as they have an  influence on hairstyles, hair  care regimen,and natural products. Other factors considered when determining hair type are :

  • Hair density.
  • Hair porosity.
  • Hair oilyness
  • Hair elasticity.

Stay tuned,post will be up soon.

Did you find this post useful? Do you  now know your hair type? Do you have any tips on how i can maintain protective styles? Please leave a comment below,share and feel free to help this sister😀 .I appreciate all your feedback.


XoXo ❤

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Good people 🙂

How do you do?

Natural hair maintainace can be very hectic at times and super annoying especially when your hair does not cooperate.Are you finding you  hair expensive and time consuming to take care of?  Are you losing some of your precious strands?Worry no more.😃IMG_20170716_170809

Today I will share 18 Hair hacks every girl MUST know.(  both for natural and relaxed hair ). Adding these tricks and tips  made my natural hair  journey a lot smoother and I believe it can work for you too.Some of these hacks are common knowledge,while others you may not have thought about.

Therefore,Without further ado…

  1. TRADE your towel for an old t-shirt.They reduce frizz and breakage.
  2. For an easy and fast way to always keeping your hair moisturized ,have your bottle spray with water ,aloe vera juice and oil.(shake well before use)
  3. Are you edges “lefting”.😀(Nairobi diaries side-effects)  Rather, are you losing your hairline? Try applying  castor oil using a toothbrush every night before bed.IMG_20170716_170852
  4. Try the Inversion method where you massage your scalp with hair oil for 5 minutes your head upside down.Sounds crazy huh?It’s scientifically proven to increase blood circulation stimulating hair growth.
  5. For slaaay, sleeek, smooth edges, use a Toothbrush  your Gel and some Shea butter to lay down your edges (preferably when wet ), then tie a satin scarf for 5-10minutes,Mamacita you go Murdaaah..👌
  6. Shower caps are life saving especially when in town and it starts raining.However, most of this caps are very expensive (50 Bob )considering some  barely last 3 weeks and  are mostly super small to cover the natural Mane.Please let’s save the 50bob for some Mahindi choma and Motura 😝pale kwa stage.Instead you can grab your plastic bag which is readily available and Free!!
  7. Did you know that you don’t have to visit the salon to deep condition your hair using a dryer? YESS…use your towel by either dipping it in hot water and placing on your polythene OR Carefully pop  your towel into a microwave for a few minutes and you got the heat to give your hair an oil treatment  and a deep conditioning …Easy:)  Saves your money and time.
  8. Tie old socks around your ears when deep conditioning your hair at home.It acts as a drip guard preventing product spill on your neck and clothes especially when sleeping.
  9. Hair washday is super enjoyable especially when you have all the time in the bathroom on a weekend .Wait until it clogs the drainage system. To avoid such mess, use a hair stopper or stick your hair on the walls of the bathroom,and clean later.
  10. The best way to detangle and clean your hair is by dividing your it into sections.You can use your laundry pegs as clips on your hair by gently placing then on the sectioned hair. How amazing 🙂
  11. Install a shower mirror during hairwash.Makes it easier to clean your hair and super fun.
  12. Always rinse your natural hair with cold water,it closes your cuticles preventing your hair from losing moisture and keeps it shinny.
  13. Do you keep losing your hair ties/bands? Try using  pieces of stocking or clothes as hair ties.
  14. Protective hairstyles sometimes leaves the scalp dry,itchy and dirty.Try baby wipes today! They work absolutely amazing without messing your hairstyle.
  15. For defined twist outs  style you hair when wet using your favourite cream.The wetter the hair,the easier it is to manage and gives more definition.Ensure the hair is dry before unraveling your twist.
  16. Avoid making circular motions when  washing your hair instead scrub your  scalp as the shampoo runs down.It reduces tangles.
  17. Did you know buttons and hair pins can make hair accessories? I also discovered this hack recently and it excites me .Just slip the pins through the holes and Ta-Daaa got yourself cute hair accessory.😊
  18. Home made masks  should be your go to especially when your deep conditioner runs out.Make use of these readily available products in your fridge or kitchen.Eggs,honey, Baking soda,avocado,banana, olive oil…name them.

I hope you found this blog post helpful.The sky is definately not limit and creativity goes beyond human imaginations. Do you know other hair hacks ? Please do share on the comments section below and don’t forget to keep it interactive  on my social media platforms (@HopeGitau).IMG_20170715_202012

.I’m determined to share with you my hair regimen in steps… baby steps.  Keep stopping by. ❤


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Happy new month to you!


July  got my hair feeling “minji minji”😀(gudi gudi) and looking back,  it took me almost an year to        perfect    my regimen.Transitioning to natural hair is a big resolution, especially with a Big Chop.It takes   displine and commitment to attain a healthy hair.

The journey is not a walk in the park.It has its highs and lows and with all the information out there one might be confused on which is the right path to take.Therefore, today I will share on some of the rules I follow religiously in my hair routine, I hope it will be helpful to you too.

  1. THOU shall love thy hair regardless of your texture,hair type or curly pattern.Your hair is your “crown of glory” bestowed from our African ancestors.Wear it With pride.👑
  2. THOU shall keep your hair moistured all the time.Wotaaa /Woraa is definitely your natural hair’s bae 😘. I mix  water and essential oils in a water bottle which I spray daily on my hair to keep it moisturized.A regular deep conditioning treatment works as food for your hair. I love my avocado,olive oil and egg mask. (DIY coming soon).Therefore:  Moisturize!Moisturize!Moisturize! Condition!Condition!Condition! YOU”LL THANK ME LATER BOO 😉PhotoGrid_1496999501832
  3. THOU shall limit use of heat on thy hair-Did you know excessive straightening compromises with your hair curl pattern ?Does some part of your hair look straight and some parts curly? Heat is pulling moisture from your hair and this causes damage,split ends and breakage.
  4. THOU shall use products that nurture your hair texture.Different products work for different textures,experiment different products to find the one that suits you and with good quality ingredients (more natural and sulphate free).Sulphates are a common ingredient in shampoo and they take away sebum(hair’s natural  oil) leaving your hair dry n prone to breakage.
  5. THOU shall protect your precious hair while sleeping,use silk/satin scarves, bonnets and pillowcases since they retain moisture. Cotton robs moisture leaving your hair dry and pulls it out.
  6. THOU shall style your hair when wet ,to avoid frizz.Use your fingers/wide tooth brush  to detangle.Also avoid using cotton towels when drying your hair because they cause frizz and friction ,instead you can use your boyfriend’s T-shirt…. sorry an old T will  save your relationship. 😂
  7. THOU shall not obsess over hair length,holding on to damage ends for the sake of length is your worst mistake.Trim, trim, trim, when needed.
  8. THOU shall massage your scalp with oils to increase blood circulation.I love using  “Mega Growth”  hot oil for massage. POST COMING SOON,keep passing by.😊
  9. THOU shall manipulate thy hair as little as possible.Use protective hair styling ie braiding, weaving,wigs etc.They protect the ends of your hair  which are the oldest and more fragile.Avoid applying too much pressure on your edges.
  10. THOU shall have patience and be consistent.Focus  on a health hair journey and eventually patience will put a crown on your Head.👑IMG_20170527_103224

FINALLY, stay  positive and remember to take necessary time to pamper your  hair.Make your natural hair  a priority and dissapointments will cease to be your  portion.

LET me know if your already following some of these  “commandments” and Which ones do you find easier/harder to implement.Thank  you for your great love and  support on my first post,I highly appreciate🙌,I  always love to hear from you .😘



Know your Worth,then add TAX !



Hey  darling 🙂

Guess who started blogging?😁


Thank you and welcome to my first post on this blog.Well, you maybe thinking who this is…some introduction maybe?Sure.


I’m Hope, and I have created this platform to share with my love for natural hair with my followers.My journey is slowly crawling to the 2nd year mark and I have learnt some one and two’s.

I’m so excited to share with you my tricks and two cents pertaining natural hair.Lets Share, Learn and exchange ideas,also looking forward to connecting with you!


Everybody has a  story.Do not compare yourself with others,for this is your journey. 👑